Audiology Services


Advanced Audiology Consultants provides a wide range of audiological services for patients of all ages, including diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of hearing problems. Patients who visit our practice will receive a comprehensive evaluation of their situation, as well as independent recommendations for treatment.

Comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations

A thorough evaluation of a patient with hearing loss will involve several different types of examination and testing. This allows a Doctor of Audiology to determine the cause of your hearing loss, so that an effective treatment plan can be created. Some of the tests The audiologist may perform when you visit our audiology practice include the following.

  • Otoscopy: visual inspection of your ear canal and eardrum, to assess the presence of excessive earwax or any physical abnormalities.
  • Tympanometry: evaluation of middle ear function, using sound waves to check for stiffening of the structures of the middle ear. This can detect problems such as fluid behind the eardrum.
  • Acoustic reflex testing: checks for the presence of a normal reflex contraction of certain muscles in the ear in response to a loud sound.
  • Pure tone and speech threshold testing: evaluation of hearing sensitivity to pure tones of varying pitches, as well as to spoken words.
  • Speech discrimination testing: evaluation of the ability to accurately comprehend words and sentences, both in a quiet environment and in the presence of background noise, for a realistic assessment of hearing abilities.

In some cases, Dr. Heiman or Dr. Warf may also recommend other tests. Once your testing is complete and the results have been analyzed, the audiologist will offer you a thorough discussion of your test findings. She’ll tell you what she’s discovered about the type and degree of your hearing loss, and will then provide you with counseling regarding available options and realistic expectations for your treatment.

Hearing aid evaluations and fittings

Based upon your hearing test results and your lifestyle, amplification options may be recommended. If a hearing aid would benefit you, your audiologist will discuss with you which options would best fit your individual needs and improve your quality of life. Remember, we are an independent practice, so our only goal is your best interest.

We have a variety of high-quality hearing aids here in the office. You can get a demonstration of the various options that your audiologist recommends, to see which one you think you’d like best. Of course, most people find it hard to be certain about their choice without trying out the hearing aids in a variety of different circumstances. This is why we offer a 45-day trial period on all hearing aids. If you find that your new hearing aids aren’t meeting your needs during this period, bring them back to us and tell your audiologist about your experiences. She may be able to adjust the settings to get better results for you, or she may recommend that you order a different pair.

Finances are a concern for many of our patients. We accept most major insurance plans. For those who still need to finance the remainder of their treatment cost, we’re partnered with CareCredit, which offers zero interest credit options for financing your purchase of hearing aids. Click here for more information.

Tinnitus assessments and retraining

Tinnitus is a common condition that can interfere with daily auditory functioning. Although it’s commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears,” tinnitus can involve various types of sound, such as buzzing, hissing, or whistling.

Tinnitus commonly occurs along with hearing loss, as a result of years of exposure to loud noises. However, there are other possible causes of tinnitus. Dr. Dawn will provide a thorough hearing evaluation to determine the cause of the problem. Treatment of tinnitus begins with treating any underlying condition, if possible. If it isn’t treatable, or if tinnitus remains bothersome after treatment, options include tinnitus maskers and tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT).

Aural rehabilitation

In some cases, a patient’s treatment with a hearing aid may be enhanced by the use of a rehabilitation program. This can help the patient learn skills for maximizing their hearing abilities in daily life.

In our practice, the audiologists use individualized auditory training to help both children and adults with hearing problems improve their hearing function. She uses programs and protocols that have been validated through scientific research, including the Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) program, which was created by leading University of California audiologists.

Hearing protection

For those whose job or recreational activities take place in a noisy environment, custom hearing protection can save your hearing. Many people don’t realize how common noise-related hearing loss is. Don’t deprive yourself of the enjoyment of music and conversation in years to come. We offer a variety of custom products to allow you to continue to perform your job or enjoy your hobby without risking your hearing.

Advanced Audiology Consultants

Our audiologists will recommend particular services based on your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Many of our patients visit us at our Oak Brook or our Woodridge office. However, for those who have a hard time traveling, the audiologists also can conduct audiology visits at your own home or resident community. With portable equipment, we can bring the audiology office to you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.