Sign Up for our Hearing Aid Wellness Program!

You spent a lot of money investing in your hearing aids and now you need to keep that investment working for years to come.  This program helps you maintain consistent hearing to your brain and saves you money. You will receive the services you need to keep your hearing aids functioning optimally for your hearing needs as well as keeping your ears clean. You deserve this!

This is unique because this membership plan can be used for anyone with hearing aids, whether they are in the manufacturer’s warranty or out of warranty.  It doesn’t matter if the hearing aids were purchased in our office or somewhere else.

Our Hearing Aid Wellness Program is simple, easy, and stress-free.  Just like a gym membership, it can be paid automatically without needing to think about paying each time you go.

Imagine if you need a quick fix or adjustment and didn’t need to worry about how much it would cost.

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Programming
Real Ear Measurement
Routine cleanings (four per year)
Replacement domes and filters
Hearing Aid Batteries (104 cells)
15% off all additional regularly priced services when paid by cash or check on the day of service
13% off all additional regularly priced services when paid by credit card on the day of service
You save up to $240
Program GuidelinesRoutine ear and hearing aid care and what it can prevent.
The Hearing Aid Wellness Program is not insurance. The program is offered to individuals and families who do not have hearing aid insurance, or who choose not to utilize their insurance. Hearing Aid Wellness Program benefits are not transferable to another audiology practice or hearing specialty practice. Payment is always due at time of service.

Please review this page for the program details and contact our office with any questions.

Program is for 1 year beginning on the enrollment date.

Program dues are payable in full upon enrollment and are non-refundable.

Cash, check or credit card payments are accepted.

The program will automatically renew on the anniversary date unless a written request to cancel is received 30 days prior to the renewal.

Payments for additional hearing aid services are the member’s responsibility.

Payment is due on the date of service to qualify for the discounts detailed above.

Membership must be current to receive the discount.

It is the member’s responsibility to schedule and keep all appointments offered as part of the Hearing Aid Wellness Program.

Please notify our office at least 48 hours in advance if you must change a scheduled appointment.

No deductibles, no pre-authorizations, no yearly maximums, no waiting period.
Routine ear and hearing aid care consists of examing and cleaning your ear canals, scheduling regular checkups and cleanings of your hearing aid microphones and receivers, and avoiding excessive moisture, sweat, and hair products.

Hearing Loss
Hearing can slowly change over time and may be associated with other chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. Changes in the hearing can occur at any time.

Ear Wax
Individuals can produce varying amounts of ear wax. It can become impacted if not properly managed. Ear wax tends to be the number one cause of hearing aid failure, as it clogs the receiver.

Hearing Aid Programming
If there is a permanent change in hearing, the hearing aids can be reprogrammed with the appropriate amount of gain to meet an individual's prescription. Proper hearing can help with easier speech understanding.