What if you could enhance your life, your social skills, and your chances of making more money this year?  That’s Group of Young People at a Party Sitting on a Couch with Champagnewhat treating your hearing loss with hearing aids can do for you.

Lately, more and more middle-aged people are instantly admitting to me (when they find out I am an audiologist) that they have a hearing loss in at least one ear.  I respect that hearing loss can be very personal, so I don’t start drilling them with questions about it  and why they don’t wear a hearing aid.  However, in my mind, I find myself asking questions like:  Why do you have a hearing loss?  How much hearing loss?  Is it treatable?  Why are you depriving yourself of hearing better?  

Hearing loss can affect your self-esteem, your ability to communicate in social group setting, as well as hearing at work in groups and in meetings.   Treating hearing loss can help improve your independence and, if you’re still working, possibly help you make more money in the long run.  I cannot tell you how many people have told me hearing aids have simply saved their marriage!  There are so many benefits to admitting you have a hearing loss and finding a solution!

Consultations for hearing aids are complimentary in our office and you can even “test drive” the latest, most advanced and cosmetically appealing hearing aids for two weeks.   Many audiologists around the country will do the same.  So why wait?  Find out what you’re missing.


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